Ascendancy at 60 degree

ascendancy 60 degree

It is poster of my first short film ‘Ascendancy at 60 degree’ actually four images used here card pyramid, boy, wall, floor.

ccomposited in adobe Photoshop cs3.

to watch the film


Air attack

modelling and rendering: 3d max

post: Ps(only lens flare)

this is a simple poly model. an aeroplane made from a box with a polygon modifier. then smooth it. the environment is actually a box with distorted hole. and gave a wireframe material. but the impact  of  the picture is the volumatric light which applied to the omni light with areal shadow

to download the workfile(.max)


Upper part of Burj Khaleefa(Dubai)- The Tallest building in the world-827 metre and 160 floor

It is an HDR tonmaped IMAGE  with three exposure

camera:  canon eos 550d

3 auto exposure bracketing

aperture :         f/8

post:            photomatix, Lightroom