black & white to color

how to convert a black and white image to color image using photoshop

step1: open B&W image in photoshop

add a new layer in layer window and name it as “c layer”

step2:select ‘brush tool’ and select proper color, paint in “c layer”

step3:paint each area with suitable color

change brush size and opacity as requirement

step4:change the “c layer” blending mode to “color”

step5: enjoy idamma pokkiraakka!!!!!!!

YES-light painting_photography


YES-  is a photograph of a moving torch  in a shape of ‘yes’ with a long exposure(15 sec).

This method of photography is called “light painting”

camera       : canon sx 130

shutter        :15 second

aperture     :f/4

iso                 :80

graded         : Photoshop