water scream


I used low shutterspeed upto 3 sec to get this dreamy water flow

camera: canon 550d
shutter speeds:1,2,3
pic style: landscape
aprtr:f5lens filter: Circular Polarized (HOYA),ND8

HDR process: Photomatix(tonemapped)

night rider

light painting -a term of photography

night rider

It is a special type of photography called light painting, not edited image

camera:canon 550d
shutterspeed:30 sec
post & color correction: no post or color correction

ASCENDANCY @ 60 degree_shortfilm

ascendancy at 60 degre

or you can see in youtube also through this URL


Ascendancy at 60 degree- this is my first shortfilm.through this shortfilm, the director is trying to show something symbolically by a simple story.

It completely shoot by canon 550d(DSLR).First we made a simple story from our theme.we didn’t make any planned script or storyboard. we took a lot of  shots in many angles.we did 270 shots

for this 5 minute shortfilm.the whole length of video files was about 1 hour.then we selected some of the scenes and edited. then we recreated the sounds because we couldn’t record the sound

during shooting because it needed an expensive SD card in the camera for the maximum picture quality and also we didn’t get a sound recording device .we also made some DIY camera equipments like

camera slider,DSLR shoulder rig,spider dolly,action rig.we could complete it at very low cost because camera is  mine and the actor and helpers were my cousins.

feedback :mohamedharsha@gmail.com


Director: Harsha

Story : Harsha and Faiz

Co-director: Faiz

Camera,editing,sound mixing,background music,lighting: Harsha

Cast: Mohsin


camera: canon 550d

Lenses: canon 18-55 IS, 50mm F1.8

DIY camera equipments: camera slider, DSLR shoulder rig,spider dolly,action rig

light: natural light,no artificial light used

Software:vegas 10(editing), after effect cs4(compositing), FL studio(musics), photoshop(poster). magic bullet(grading and color correction)

budget: below Rs500(below 10$)

Special thanks : Raheem,Mashoor,Dilshad,Shainiya,Musthafa,Sahel,Haseeb,Vajid

Touch the transparency

Touch the transparency

Picture taken on after busy time of shooting, It was a rainy day, Most of you haven’t seen it yet, It is a banana tree leaf.

camera: canon 550d
lens:50mm f1.8
shutter speed:1/400
picture style: portrait
graded in Ps cs3