Deaph of death

death in depth_s

It is an HDR image with 3 exposures

taken at my cousin’s house.

He said me that might be a good one if captured.

direction of  light was able to show the textured ground with a type of grass. But it was a low light condition. I had tripod that helped me to do a long exposure with low ISO

place:Valanchery, Keraka
camera:canon 550d
shutter speed:10S,20S,30S
f stop:f/8


color correction:LR


shallow green

shallow green_s

camera: canon 550d
lens:50mm f1.8
shutter speed:1/200
picture style: portrait
graded in LR cs3

Air attack

modelling and rendering: 3d max

post: Ps(only lens flare)

this is a simple poly model. an aeroplane made from a box with a polygon modifier. then smooth it. the environment is actually a box with distorted hole. and gave a wireframe material. but the impact  of  the picture is the volumatric light which applied to the omni light with areal shadow

to download the workfile(.max)

Hornbill bird

hornbill bird

medium: water color on paper

in my childhood i used painting and drawing. but i didn’t continued this after primary school. when my college days, One day i saw a picture on a magazine. i thought about my childhood I painted out that picture. that was it . I took whole day for completing this one.

night rider

light painting -a term of photography

night rider

It is a special type of photography called light painting, not edited image

camera:canon 550d
shutterspeed:30 sec
post & color correction: no post or color correction