Ascendancy at 60 degree

ascendancy 60 degree

It is poster of my first short film ‘Ascendancy at 60 degree’ actually four images used here card pyramid, boy, wall, floor.

ccomposited in adobe Photoshop cs3.

to watch the film


Deaph of death

death in depth_s

It is an HDR image with 3 exposures

taken at my cousin’s house.

He said me that might be a good one if captured.

direction of  light was able to show the textured ground with a type of grass. But it was a low light condition. I had tripod that helped me to do a long exposure with low ISO

place:Valanchery, Keraka
camera:canon 550d
shutter speed:10S,20S,30S
f stop:f/8


color correction:LR