Ascendancy at 60 degree

ascendancy 60 degree

It is poster of my first short film ‘Ascendancy at 60 degree’ actually four images used here card pyramid, boy, wall, floor.

ccomposited in adobe Photoshop cs3.

to watch the film


black & white to color

how to convert a black and white image to color image using photoshop

step1: open B&W image in photoshop

add a new layer in layer window and name it as “c layer”

step2:select ‘brush tool’ and select proper color, paint in “c layer”

step3:paint each area with suitable color

change brush size and opacity as requirement

step4:change the “c layer” blending mode to “color”

step5: enjoy idamma pokkiraakka!!!!!!!

YES-light painting_photography


YES-  is a photograph of a moving torch  in a shape of ‘yes’ with a long exposure(15 sec).

This method of photography is called “light painting”

camera       : canon sx 130

shutter        :15 second

aperture     :f/4

iso                 :80

graded         : Photoshop